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Ascendancy Global Solutions (AGS) is proud to team with Sago Medical, an Italy-based global leader in the development and distribution of cutting-edge emergency and trauma-related medical solutions.  AGS selected Sago Medica as our dedicated products provider based on their 30-plus-year history of proven performance as an industry leader in their field.


Sago Medica is a privately owned company founded in Italy in 1989 with the objective of becoming a global leader in the distribution of products and services related to emergency and trauma medicine.


From its inception, Sago Medica understood that healthcare needs strong development in the emergency sector. With passion, dedication, and the exclusive representation of leading international brands in this field, Sago Medica collaborated with the nascent emergency services industry by introducing products and projects that are still in common use today, such as:


  • The first installation of an Automated External Defibrillator AED

  • The first installation of an Emergency Ventilator with a voice prompt guideline

  • The first and largest INTRA and EXTRA hospital TRIAGE project

  • The first MAXI Emergency Project for Disaster Response in a National Airport

  • The first disposable emergency oxygen device


More than 30 years of history have allowed Sago Medica to understand and anticipate the needs of its customers.  This is based on relationships, reputation, trust, and the resulting collaboration that allows Sago Medica to bridge the gap between customers’ medical emergency requirements and our network of product and service providers.


Sago Medica continues to be one of the primary technical partners for the Italian National Health Service, Voluntary Associations, Public and Private Bodies, Law Enforcement, and the Military, giving concrete support to deal with any type of medical emergency situation through cutting-edge products, innovative solutions and training with the latest knowledge and rescue techniques.

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